"This Internet thing is all hype"
As someone involved in business you may already be aware of all the hype surrounding the Internet. Internet millionaires, 100’s of millions of potential customers online, vast amounts of money invested in ‘Net’ businesses that have yet to make a profit etc etc.

Yes the Internet has been over-hyped, but this should not blind us to the fact that it is a powerful communications medium that can be exploited to provide real business benefits.

We are here to help you cut through the hype and jargon and decide how you can best make use of the Internet and related technologies such as Database and Email.

So, leaving aside the hype, here are some of the things that the Internet can do:-

  • Promote your business to a wider audience
  • Provide new and existing customers with detailed up to date information about your services/products
  • Provide a two way communication channel for existing customers
  • Gather information about potential customers and generate leads
  • Direct sales (i.e. e-commerce)
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